Our Services

At Mareck Family & Geriatric Services, we take into account the entire family and living situation. We are well-versed in the needs of aging adults and experienced with family dynamics. Consultation and training is available and cover a wide variety of topics. We help to facilitate discussions on age-related issues including dementia, care giving, future needs, resources, placement options, or as a followup up to a recent assessment. Mareck Family & Geriatric Services has expertise in dealing with dementia and its psychosocial stressors.

Our services include counseling, assessing and care management. Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding these services, how we can help and the ways in which our services are billed. Many of our counseling services are covered by insurance-other services may be private pay-we would be happy to discuss this with you.

Furthermore, if you or your family are members of a group, we have experienced speakers available upon request.

  • Counseling

    We are available wherever you need us and experienced with all levels of counseling care for older adults and/or physically frail adults and their families, including home-based counseling with physically frail adults who are having difficulty coping with issues such as depression, anxiety, grief and loss, or chronic illness.

    In an effort to provide the best care possible, our staff works closely with primary care physicians, psychiatrists, and other mental health professionals to coordinate your care. It is our goal to work together with you as a partner in your care, psychosocial assessments, mental status evaluations, and diagnostic impressions are provided in addition to weekly counseling sessions, which take place at the client’s residence (at home, assisted living centers, retirement communities, etc).

    Help for the caregiver

    We are also available for out-patient counseling for family members/friends who are overwhelmed in their caregiving role. Sessions focus on improving coping skills and increasing level of support.

    Counseling services generally take place at our Okemos office.

  • Care Planning Assessment

    Our knowledgeable and trained staff is able to evaluate the multi-dimensional needs of the older adult and help guide you and your family with options available to you in the community. An assessment would examine:

    • Medical condition and continuity of care
    • Mental health status, issues of depression, anxiety, adjustment difficulties, social isolation, chronic illness.
    • Cognitive status; presence/severity of dementia
    • Activities of daily living
    • Issues relating to driving
    • Level of family/community support
    • Safety issues/home environment
    • Legal/financial status

    An objective care planning assessment may be appropriate in the following situations

    • A parent who is having difficulty caring for or coping with the needs of a spouse with dementia.
    • An older adult who is having diffiulty with activities of daily living and lives alone.
    • An older adult who is at risk in his/her home and requires modificiation of the home for safety purposes.
    • An older individual or couple who want to move to a more structured environment but need assistance in planning and/or executing the move.
  • Care Management 

    Following a care planning assessment, we can individualize a plan or care tailored to your needs. Care Management is all about taking care of you and your family – what are your needs and how can we help you meet those needs in a kind, caring and safe manner. Care management is an ongoing service that can provide the following:
    • A plan of care encompassing compassionate advice and realistic goals
    • A caring 1:1 relationship between the care manager and the client and client advocate
    • Monitoring for overall well-being and quality of life
    • Referrals to appropriate health care professionals and community services
    • Liaison for out-of-area family members
    • Coordination of health care services, including tranportation to appoinments and interaction with health care providers
    • Advice and assistance relating to a move to a more structured setting, if needed.
    • Ongoing care management can include one or more visits per week. A schedule for care management visits and plan of communication with be indivudalized to meet the needs of the client and/or family.

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