Counseling Services


We are available wherever you need us and experienced with all levels of counseling care for older adults and/or physically frail adults and their families, including: Home-based counseling with physically frail adults who are having difficulty coping with issues such as depression, anxiety, grief and loss, or chronic illness.

In an effort to provide the best care possible, our staff works closely with primary care physicians, psychiatrists, and other mental health professionals to coordinate your care. It is our goal to work together with you as a partner in your care, psychosocial assessments, mental status evaluations, and diagnosic impressions are provided in addition to weekly counseling sessions, which take place at the client’s residence (at home, assisted living centers, retirement communities, etc).


We are also available for 0ut-patient counseling for family members/friends who are overwhelmed in their caregiving role. Sessions focus on improving coping skills and increasing level of support.

Counseling services generally take place at our Okemos office.