Care Planning Assessments


Our knowledgeable and trained staff is able to evaluate the multi-dimensional needs of the older adult and help guide you and your family with options available to you in the community.  Assessment would examine:

  • Medical condition and continuity of care
  • Mental health status, issues of depression, anxiety, adjustment difficulties, social isolation, chronic illness.
  • Cognitive status; presence/severity of dementia
  • Activities of daily living
  • Issues relating to driving
  • Level of family/community support
  • Safety issues/home environment
  • Legal/financial status


An objective care planning assessment may be appropriate in the following situations:

  • A parent who is having difficulty caring for or coping with the needs of a spouse with dementia.
  • An older adult who is having diffiulty with activities of daily living and lives alone.
  • An older adult who is at risk in his/her home and requires modificiation of the home for safety purposes.
  • An older individual or couple who want to move to a more structured environment but need assistance in planning and/or executing the move.